Retrofit + Weatherization*
As the opportunities of a new “green economy” take hold across the country, we are working to harness the benefits of a cleaner, greener environment and a more robust economy for residents, workers, and young people throughout Cypress Hills!

Since 2007, CHLDC has been working with Community Environmental Center (CEC) to apply for and implement energy efficiency retrofit and weatherization work in all of our multifamily residential buildings. Energy efficiency retrofits, or weatherization, can include repair and replacement of heating systems, added/improved insulation, air quality inspection, air-sealing around doors and windows, and installation of energy efficient light fixtures and appliances. In addition to reducing monthly utility bills and reducing our collective energy use and impact on global warming, these measures will improve the health, safety, and comfort of our tenants for years to come!

As part of our retrofit work for existing LDC-owned property, we were able to install solar panels on the roof of 2829 Fulton Street! Click here to see photos of the rooftop at 2829 Fulton.

Since November of 2009, CHLDC has been partnering with Blessed Sacrament Church, Community Environmental Center, Green City Force, and the Pratt Center for Community Development to offer local homeowners assistance applying for and implementing energy retrofit and weatherization work in their homes.

Why Retrofit?
• Reduce energy costs and save money on utility bills!
• Improve indoor air quality and prevent asthma
• Increase comfort and durability of your home
• Reduce energy use, air pollution, and your impact on global warming
• Create quality local jobs in the green economy

Interested in retrofitting your home? Contact us to learn more.

Commercial/Church/Community Center Retrofits*
If you own a local business, church, or community center and are interested in reducing your energy and cooling costs, we can also help you apply for and implement retrofit work in your facility and provide you with energy conservation tips for your membership. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about energy efficiency options for your church.

Tree Planting*
As part of the Million Trees NYC Initiative, and in partnership with New York Restoration Project, CHLDC has provided 150 free trees to local homeowners and businesses to plant in their yards throughout the neighborhood! Click here for a link to the photo album from our Tree Giveaway event on May 15th!

Cool Roofs
Cypress Hills has been selected as a Cool Roofs NYC target neighborhood! Cool Roofs are made by painting a highly reflective white paint over the surface of flat black roofs. This paint acts as a reflecting agent, reducing indoor air temperature and decreasing what’s known as the urban heat island effect. Contact us if you are interested in receiving a cool roof, and click here to learn more about Cool Roofs NYC.

Green Affordable Housing Development*
CHLDC has been greening its existing affordable housing since 2007, and all of our new projects are being built in an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. Glenmore Grove Condominiums is our newest affordable housing development and the first green condominium project in the neighborhood, consisting of 12 highly attractive units for low and moderate income buyers. In each unit we have partnered with NYSERDA to incorporate energy efficient light fixtures, appliances, and heating/insulation systems as well as bamboo flooring, recycled tiles, and low-flow toilets. Together these elements will reduce the operating costs and environmental impact of our units for years to come! Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Glenmore Grove and other green affordable housing options.

Re-development of IS 302 playground*
For years CHLDC has been advocating for funds to rebuild the playground at IS 302. In 2008 the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation announced $2.2 million in funding to rebuild the playground! As part of the design creation process, CHLDC staff led students at the IS 302 Beacon in a participatory playground planning focus group to develop a series of recommendations and ideas for the final playground design. Click here to see photos of the students meeting with Parks Department staff to present their feedback. Contact us to stay tuned on the finalization of the playground design.

Community gardens – development, beautification

Transportation Design and Pedestrian Safety

Public Transportation Improvements

Broadway Junction Re-Envisioning


Green Job Training & Creation*
Building on our strong workforce development programming at CHLDC, Verde is planning a green job training partnership between our YouthBuild construction training program, Green City Force, a local green job training program, and the Laborers Local 10 union. Soon graduates of YouthBuild’s basic construction training program and Green City Force’s “Clean Energy Corps” will have access to free weatherization training and access to union membership in Local 10 – an invaluable doorway to rigorous, ongoing training and living wage, career pathways in the green economy. Contact us to learn more about green job training in Cypress Hills. At the same time as we build a strong base of green workers in the neighborhood, we are creating local green job opportunities and demand for work through our Retrofit and Weatherization project.


Cypress Hills Community School Kitchen + Cafeteria*
As part of the Cypress Hills Community School (CHCS) permanent facility design, CHLDC staff and parents have long envisioned the school cafeteria as a place where students, teachers, and parents can all eat together, and where the food is fresh, delicious, nutritious, homemade and locally-sourced. CHLDC is excited to announce that the Community School kitchen + cafeteria will be outfitted with the necessary equipment and supplies to make this dream possible. We are also developing programming with NYC School Food, East New York Farms!, and Wellness in the Schools (WITS) to ensure that the kitchen + cafeteria will be a healthy, welcoming, and educational space for all of our students and staff.

Food + Farming Planning Group*
A long-term goal of Cypress Hills Verde is to ensure that all Cypress Hills residents have access to healthy, locally-grown food, and that local gardeners and farmers have access to strong local markets and growing opportunities. We are currently partnering with East New York Farms!, the Pratt Center for Community Development, and the New York State New Farmer Development Program to conduct a community-wide survey and mapping process to identify existing food resources, potential growing sites, and consumer needs and habits in the neighborhood. Contact us if you want to get involved in our food, farms, and markets planning group.

Grocery Store Development (FRESH)


Cypress Hills Community School permanent facility development*
The Cypress Hills Community School/PS89K (CHCS) is an alternative, bilingual (Spanish/English), NYC public school serving 250 Kindergartners through 8th graders in East New York. After sharing cramped conditions with a larger middle school for the past 10 years, CHCS will finally move into their new home this September, housing 472 students. In addition to being collaboratively designed by teachers, parents and students, CHCS will be the first GREEN NYC Department of Education school in Brooklyn! Click here to see the latest photos of our school’s construction!

Cypress Hills Community School Greenhouse design & development*
Healthy meals are only part of the green environment CHCS is working to provide for its students. We have also raised funding to build a school greenhouse that will serve as a hands-on science lab, environmental justice learning center and urban farm! Working with NY SunWorks, East New York Farms, and Wellness In The Schools (WITS), we are developing curriculum to connect the science, nutrition, and climate change lessons students are learning in the greenhouse with the food that they’re eating in the cafeteria and the work they are doing at the local Highland Park children’s garden. Click here to see photos of the greenhouse in construction!

Environmental Justice Curriculum for after-school programs

Community-wide environmental awareness*
[Energy conservation tips and awareness via weatherization/retrofit outreach, model block events, etc. Training for supers, residents and owners in the works..]

Participatory Community Planning - Green Master Plan*

Brownfields Mapping & Re-development*
[BOA grant…what it would do]

Data (quantitative & qualitative) collection & tracking*
[tracking energy savings, and surveying residents]



* = projects that are happening now